Adult Children of Alcoholics & Emotionally Immature Parents

If you grew up with caregivers who were emotionally absent, struggled with mental health issues, or abused alcohol or drugs, you probably had to take on the role of a parent throughout your childhood.

You may have had to provide for yourself, care for your siblings, and even take physical and emotional care of the person or people who were supposed to be caring for you.

"Parentified" children come from many different types of families. You may have experienced significant abuse and neglect that required you to be in constant survival mode as a child. You may not have been abused at all and feel your parents did the best they could, but they weren't quite grown up themselves, and your needs often went overlooked. 

Many people come to therapy as adults to try to make sense of their relationships with their parents (to the point that it's become a cliché - "I don't want to go to therapy just to talk about my mother!") The truth is, those relationships have a huge impact on how we experience the world as adults. This is especially true for adults who felt unseen, unloved, unsafe, unprotected, or uncared for growing up.

Some possible indicators of emotionally immature parents include:

If you grew up with parents like this, you might be experiencing:






Fear or avoidance of intimacy

Emotional exhaustion/burnout

Imbalances in your relationships and caretaking of others


Our therapy will be aimed at helping you: