LGBTQIA+ Identities

“There is no "queer contagion" sweeping the nation. What we are witnessing is simply a new era of openness and possibilities. Young people who in the past never had the words to describe their feelings, or who knew what they were but felt coerced into remaining closeted (or worse), are now more able to freely express themselves....People who in the past would have felt too afraid to experiment with their gender or sexuality for fear of the stigma that might entail may now be more willing to explore those potentialities.” ~ Julie Serano, 2022

I believe our unique identities are something to be celebrated and that the exploration of one's gender identity and sexuality is an achievement worthy of recognition. But, to be something other than straight and cisgender in this world also brings its own set of challenges. My clients within the LGBTQIA+ community often experience depression, self-doubt, and relationship stressors stemming from their experiences of discrimination and stigma. Even for those who have (thankfully) not had such negative responses to their identities, they may find that they want extra support as they navigate the complex process of understanding their own identity. For some, their reasons for coming to therapy have little to do with being queer; they simply want to work with a therapist who can hold space for their identity and the way that impacts their lived experience.

Gender-Affirming Surgery and Hormone Letters

I have taken the GALAP Pledge, which means I write free letters for gender-affirming medical care. I follow an informed consent model, in accordance with the WPATH Standards of Care. In most cases, a consultation can be completed in one session.