Cody Norris

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #133959

Ventura, CA

"When you can't go back, you have only to worry about the best way of moving forward." - Paulo Coelho

Let's move forward together.

I am assuming you have found my site because you are looking for help. I want you to know that reaching out for help is an essential part of being human, not an indication that something is wrong with you. This principle is one of my foundational beliefs as a therapist. We are all only human.

However, even though what you're going through is a normal part of being human, it's not enjoyable, comfortable...maybe not even bearable. You feel different from everyone else, isolated, confused, and hopeless. Maybe you don't know why you're here anymore. That's where I come in. 

I want to help you feel like you again.

Frequently Asked Questions

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