Cody Norris

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #133959

Ventura, CA

"When you can't go back, you have only to worry about the best way of moving forward." - Paulo Coelho

Hi, nice to meet you.

I am guessing you have found my site because you are looking for help. I want you to know that reaching out for help is an essential part of being human, not an indication that something is wrong with you. This principle is one of my foundational beliefs as a therapist. We are all only human.

However, even though what you're going through is a normal part of being human, it's not enjoyable, comfortable...maybe not even bearable. You feel different from everyone else, isolated, confused, and hopeless. Maybe you don't know why you're here anymore. That's where I come in.

As your therapist, my goal is to help you find a sense of purpose and meaning in your life, be able to accept and tolerate your emotions, and experience a connection with whatever makes your life worth living. I use my own love of nature, geek culture, sports, podcasts, and other interests to help you create powerful metaphors and narratives to understand your life. I aim to make you the hero of your own story.


While I work with a wide variety of people, I find that my approach can be particularly effective in the following areas. I can offer individual, couple, or family therapy depending on the situation.

Voices and Beliefs

Those who hear or see things that others do not or have unconventional beliefs that have been labeled delusional. I work with you to understand what these experiences mean, outgrow limiting labels and expectations, and learn to communicate with the people around you about your experiences.


Those who have experienced traumatic events of all kinds, either in childhood or adulthood. I work with you to tell your story, learn how your trauma impacts your life today, and make sense of what has happened to you and who you are now.

Men's Issues

Those who have been impacted by expectations of masculinity and may feel limited, misunderstood, boxed in, or silenced by what they have been taught about "being a man." I work with you to explore these messages and determine for yourself what being a good man looks like.


I am LGBTQ affirming and welcome people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. I am trained in issues of intersectionality and am prepared to incorporate your unique identity, whether it is the focus of your therapy or you simply wish to have a therapist who understands the impact of your identity on other parts of your experience.

Psychiatric Survivors

Those who have been harmed, stigmatized, or traumatized by past experiences with the mental health system. I believe in your agency and right to make decisions about your life. I know that the mental health system sometimes pressures people to accept diagnoses, medications, or treatments that they do not agree with. I work with you to feel "normal" again, learn to trust your own decisions, and navigate life outside of an institution.